In this video General Secretary the Revd Dr Martyn Atkins and Connexional Secretary Doug Swanney discuss the challenges of evangelism in the context of the Methodist Church.

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Tell Somebody. Show Somebody. Be Somebody.


What is Evangelism?

Here are some people's definitions of evangelism:

  • Sharing a treasure of ultimate value, and a need to share it authentically, whilst listening to the one in charge.
  • Evangelism is being who you are wherever you are.
  • Telling the story of Jesus? Maybe good news should feature in there in some way.
  • Evangelism is being good news as well as telling good news, both in Jesus' name and the power of the Holy Spirit.

What would be your definition of evangelism?

There are many models and theological understandings of evangelism. These pages will explore many of these, demonstrating that evangelism happens in all sorts of ways and in a wide variety of places inside and outside Methodist churches. And by framing evangelism in a broad framework, no single perspective will be prioritised over any other.


Evangelism is…

Evangelism is about Jesus.

Evangelism is about the people whose lives have been transformed because of Jesus. These people are called 'disciples' and can be found in the Bible, as well as in almost every street in the UK.

Evangelism is about people who have not heard about the life and continuing work of Jesus.

Evangelism is about the coming kingdom of 'shalom' - and thus links with the other sections in this website: Compassion and Justice.


Playing our part

This section is a reminder to each of us has a part to play in evangelism; be that our own continuing development and discovery of Jesus in our midst, as well as the spiritual journey of other people.

It can be tempting to think about evangelism in caricatures and bad experiences (either that we have been involved in, or on the receiving end of). What you will find here is an encouragement to TELL somebody, SHOW somebody, BE somebody.

How might the Church be equipped and resourced to move beyond a caricature and become people who know and love Jesus, and demonstrate this to a world in desperate need of hope, compassion and transformation?

DD Explore iconIn the following segments, you will find articles and resources to help you discover your natural evangelism 'style' and some challenges from other theological and practical positions. These can be found in Resources.

DD Further Resources iconThere are a number of organisations that promote and equip people in the area of evangelism. They include:

HOPE www.hopetogether.org.uk
Share Jesus International www.sharejesusinternational.com
Christian Enquiries  Agengy (CEA) www.christianity.org.uk

More details and other links can be found in Links and More Ideas.

DD Stories iconAs with the other sections in Spiritual Practices (Graceful Discipleship) Stories is a collection of your experiences and reflections on evangelism.

This will build into a series of videos and comments answering the question 'what is your definition of evangelism' and 'what is the most important thing about Jesus for you'.

This is also the place where you will find links to other videos on social media sites to amuse us and to challenge us to embody graceful evangelism in our everyday lives.


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