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DD Further Resources iconThere are many people who offer programmes, resources and training in the area of evangelism and mission.

Over the coming months, you will find a list of a number of organisations and places where you might want to look for more information.

There will also be an audit of many of the available programmes and tools that are currently in print and on the market.

Every quarter there will be a featured resource which will give more detail about a single tool, website, programme or idea. If you would be interested in reviewing any of these, then please email us (

In the meantime you will find details of some evangelism resources below.


Evangelism is just about passing on a message. Watch the video and share with others



 Talking of God

Talking of God 

Talking of God is a new faith sharing course. It will help individuals and congregations to talk about their faith journey. Find the flyer here

Written by a group of evangelism and mission experts from across the country, the course will give people more confidence when it comes to sharing the stories of their faith in everyday life. It does this by encouraging conversations about conversations, and rooting it all in the Gospels. Read more here.



Even after 2000 years Jesus of Nazareth is still one of the most talked-about people ever. The things he said and the way he lived, died, and rose again, have a fascination even for people who are turned off by the idea of church and 'religion'. is a new website. It's for people who are curious about Jesus and it can help them get to know him. It's where you can discover interesting content, view video clips, light virtual candles, ask questions, play games and join online discussion - all about Jesus and his followers.




A website that can easily be found by anyone who types the word Christianity into a search engine. There are scores of pages of information about what Jesus said and did, what Christians believe, and what it means to have a life in all its fullness. The information is free, objective and reliable, embracing all the denominations and traditions.


Fresh ExpressionsFresh Expressions: The aim of this ecumenical initiative is to resource a growing movement of fresh expressions of church. Read about initiatives in your area, or submit your own 'Fresh Expression'. Lots of food for inspiration...


Share Jesus International is a mission agency whose goal is summed up by its name - to share Jesus in many different contexts and countries with events like the Road Trip, the Dawn Patrol, Easter People, Soul in the City and the Carnivals.Share Jesus International is a visionary, radical movement which brings together a diverse range of Christian denominations and mission agencies for corporate action in mission and evangelism.For more information click here


IGNITE Revival Network is a leadership network stemming from the Methodist Church.  It aims to renew and resource people for revival and harvest through regional leaders groups, newsletters, national conferences and resources

Its values are:

Passion for Jesus
Compassion for the lost and broken
Vision for churches living in revival

For more details on IGNITE click here
or e-mail:


Mission-shaped Church
Available from Church House Publishing £10.95 

Mission-shaped Church is a report from a working group of the Church of England's Mission and Public Affairs Council.

Society in Britain has changed dramatically in the last 30 years, especially in terms of our understanding of community and how we relate to one another. One of the responses of the Church has been to plant new churches and create "fresh expressions" of church.

Each chapter has a set of questions and challenges to help local parish churches engage with the issues.

It is a crucial tool for all who care about God's mission today.

Moving on in a Mission-shaped Church

Since its publications in February 2004, Mission-shaped Church has made a huge impact on the UK Church, selling over 16,500 copies.

Many churches are excited about the ideas in it, but are unsure of how to apply these ideas to their own contexts.

This short and accessible guide introduces the reader to the essential message of Mission-shaped Church. Suitable for use with church councils, deanery synods, circuit meetings and house groups, it outlines how churches and groups can respond practically and creatively and move in fresh directions.

Available from Church House Publishing (£5.00 pack of 5)


Church Planting: Past Present & Future
by George Lings and Stuart Murray

published by Grove 2003 £2.50

In 1992 most of the denominations set ambitious church planting targets as part of the Decade of Evangelism. This book begins with a summary of a consultation in 2001 which looked back over the decade and tried to analyse why those targets were not met. The analysis is clear, but the book doesn't stop there. It goes on to look at the lessons that have been learned and to consider how they can be implemented by denominations and local churches. This book should be compulsory reading for all who are involved in church planting.


Y God? - the Children's Y Course

A children's version of the popular Y Course. Answers questions such as:
What does god look like? How did God make people? Who was Jesus real dad: God or Joseph? Why did Jesus have to die? How did Jesus come back to life? How do we know the Bible is true?

It's a six session course designed to be used with any number of children between the ages of seven and eleven.

The Y God pack includes: a course guide; six weekly modules packed with teaching ideas and activities, prayer and Bible reading suggestions; My Y Book (activity book); snapshots through Mark, (introduces children to reading the Bible); publicity material from CPO.

It costs £15.99
Y Books are £6.00 for a pack of ten books
Snapshots through Mark are £1.50 each or £10 for 10

Available from Methodist Publishing or your local Christian retailer; SU mail order (01908 856006) or online at Scripture Union


From coffee morning to Sunday morning

From coffee morning to Sunday morning is a five-session course designed to help churches move relationships forward from social encounter to a spiritual engagement. It is specifically aimed at preparing churches for  Back to Church Sunday.

Read more

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