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The North Yorkshire Dales Bible Literacy Project is a Darlington District initiative, and aims to promote growth in Biblical literacy and discipleship in the North Yorkshire Dales, as well as increasing enthusiasm for and understanding of Biblical texts.

DD Darlington Bible LiteracyThe project involves developing and road-testing training materials suitable for use in rural areas, which can then be shared on a wider scale. The project aims to engage with the local community, grounded in the Gospel imperative. There are now plans for a Bible festival, and for sharing the work of the project across the wider Connexion.



Reports from Bible Festivals in 2011

Nottingham & Derby District

High Wycombe

Manchester & Stockport District

Truro, Cornwall



Other stories

Manchester Circuit


Members of Churches in the Manchester Circuit were invited to come and:-

- hand-write a portion of the Bible
- paint or draw a favourite biblical word or phrase
- draw a part of the Passion story
- this was followed by a reading of Mark's gospel.

Fallowfield Methodist Church Centre

Conversations with Luke: a series of interactive events on how Luke shows concern for the poor, the women, and the crowd around Jesus. As we rededicate ourselve to being urban disciples of Christ we shall continue to lead our Church and community at Fallowfield Methodist Church Centre. 

Didsbury with Barlow Moor Methodist Church

As part of the National Heritage Open Days, on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 2011 we held an exhibition to celebrate The Year of the Bible.  
The exhibition displayed various versions of the Bible including a Family Bible.  At the exhibition there were quizzes, a children's trail and the chance to make an illuminated letter.  

As part of the exhibition, we asked everyone to write out their favourite Bible passage or verse and on May 21st, we held a coffee morning to bring people together to start to do this.  The passages were then collated together as a "Didsbury Bible" which was put on display.  


Details for the Bristol Biblefresh Festival can be found via this link

On 16th April we launched a new exhibition at Epworth Old Rectory as our celebration of the King James anniversary. The oldest bibles from our collection are on show. Many are family bibles and we have traced the descendents of some of the families mentioned. Information about them is displayed as well as a bible translation timeline. The handwritten bible project has been part of this and visitors to the Rectory will be able to contribute to our handwritten bible throughout the open season (until October 31st 2011). All are welcome.


Biblefresh@Pentecost in Low Moor

Planning our local activity in our Biblefresh months months (May & June) with our local schools in Low Moor we found real interest and suggestions. A Pentecost community worship event with balloon release (prayers tied to balloons) from the pub car park- too many trees elsewhere! When the two dog-collared women asked, the landlord offered a barbeque - for free.
Together Anglican and Methodist Churches planned the weekend, complimenting the Festival, Biblical Scarecrows, assemblies, a school Bible Festival, bible-based, and the event.
The church was full of children and families, and a few church members. Singing, practised in school - a joint schools' choir- a first. A box of symbols of the gifts God gives to the church and us. Then- in pouring rain- out from church to pub carpark to release several hundred balloons, messages written in school, attached. I'd imagined it as the wind of the spirit, but the depth of colour against grey skies reminded vividly of the flames, and the countdown was all noise! Fellowship over food in pouring rain - it was June after all!
Biblefresh - celebrating Scripture, engaging with the word, bearing the word - each element in one day, but particularly 'bearing', to families, of different faiths and none. Those attaching prayers were moved by the children's words and faith, the balloons bearing that out beyond our community- if you find one, send it back and let the child know you've prayed for them.
And then… on Monday morning at 8.15am, the thanks of a Headteacher and the invitation to do more! Louise Carr.

Coffee Fresh

Who'd have thought that agreeing to read the Bible daily would lead to such enthusiasm and interest? Well it certainly has done with the people I meet.
The Bible in One Year, prepared for the Methodist Conference was designed so that we read the whole Bible in one year. Not beginning at Genesis and ending at Revelations, but reading from Old, New and a Psalm/Proverb each day.
Clayton has held two Coffeefresh afternoons, meeting over, yes, coffee and talking about what we've read. We laugh, ask questions and learn, all of us.
It's not the freshness of the coffee but the words that we are reading. The more we read the more we want to know, we have even agreed to read Job again with "new eyes". Now that says a lot.
It's not too late to start reading. The list of readings is available. Why not start now and read for a year - even start your own Coffee fresh! Dorothy Pipe (Clayton MC).

St Paul's Methodist Church, Abergele

400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

At St Paul's Methodist Church, Abergele, we celebrated The 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible by using the space between our Lent Lunches and our Women's Network meeting, We invited anyone who wished, to choose a Bible Story and to read the story aloud while the room was being cleared after lunch and preparations were being made for the afternoon meeting. Most people stayed to listen and some of the ladies who chose to read confirmed they had never read publicly beforehand. Everyone was delighted with the interludes and some commented that the Bible had become more alive to them during those times.



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