Spiritual Practices

DD Spiritual Practices iconAmazing grace

Grace is the gift from God, of knowing that we are utterly loved, valued and needed, warts and all. Spiritual practices are intentional activities which help us form habits to respond to grace.

Gods Healing Hands

Grace is offered to us by God in different ways in our life before we even notice.

When we do begin to respond Methodists believe that this can be a deeply-felt pivotal experience that registers in our feelings, or a conviction that gradually grows in us, and begins a process of transforming us to be a person 'there' for others.

Our spiritual practices help us work with God.

Spiritual practices keep alive in us the desire to respond to God's amazing love in practical ways, and help us work with God to realign our priorities to a life inspired by Jesus. Methodists believe that God enables us and gives us the power to do this.

God works in us, and in response we work, using different practices to draw on God's Spirit and live out of grace. This, if often costly, is shown to us by Jesus dying on the cross, and inviting us to live the way of the cross.

Wesley describes Methodist societies as no other than "a company of people, having the form and seeking the power, of godliness; united, in order to pray together, to receive the word of exhortation, and to watch over one another in love, that they may help each other to work out their salvation".

Practices for graceful discipleship

Graceful Discipleship has four sections offering different but complementary practices for a grace-filled life. As you explore these sections we hope you'll be inspired to love God more deeply.

The sections are:

DD Devotion iconDevotion and Spiritual Rhythms
personal disciplines of relationship with God (Hopeful Discipleship)

DD Worship iconWorship
public disciplines of worshipping God together

DD Compassion iconCompassion 
personal acts of kindness and love (Reconciling Discipleship)
DD Just Living iconJust Living 
lifestyle choices which reflect justice in the public arena (Hopeful Discipleship)
DD Exploring Spiritual PracticesExploring Spiritual Practices
an extra section:
a Lent course from the Inspire network.



Keep visiting this site for a growing bank of resources to help individuals and groups grow in their spiritual life and in God's grace.

Some resources will be for those just starting their discipleship journey and some for those wanting to go deeper.

Make this the year that you grow in grace to feel the colour, freedom and movement encapsulated in this picture Pilgrimage. 


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