Whole life disciple-making

Imagine Methodist NW pilot project

These resources are in development and more will be available here soon.

Training Fleas

If in church we have not been 'trained' to live life in all its fullness, to live beyond the limits, then we will pass a limited type of discipleship on to the next generation.

What can we do to live as whole of life disciples?

Can you see God in action in your school? Work? With friends? Family? On your street? In your leisure time? Or have you been living your discipleship within the limits of the lid?

The Methodist Church in North West England has been working in partnership with the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity to equip church leaders to become whole life disciples and to enable others to also do so.

The questions we have been asking on the Project are

  • where is my frontline?
  • what might God be doing there?
  • what part do I have to play in that?
  • How can the church better equip me in that?

Therefore there is info on these webpages for you if you are a young person wanting to live as a whole life disciple, if you are retired, in work. For you in your leisure time, your prayer life, and our time together as worshipping communities and small groups.

So this material is for your life, including the leadership you are involved in with the church, but not solely for that - for the whole of your discipleship life.

Some principles, pushes and probing questions which LICC and the Methodist Imagine NW project have been asking.

The principles

  • our commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over every area of life
  • our calling to be the missional people of Go

The pushes

  • we call attention to the importance of everyone's frontline
  • we connect the '10' (gathered church) to the '110' (scattered church)
  • we commit to intentional growth together as whole-life disciples of Jesus Christ 

Probing questions for the church

  • the three most important activities in this church?
  • who attends?
  • What's the purpose?

Probing questions for individuals

  • where is my frontline?
  • what might God be doing there?
  • what part do I have to play in that?

Probing questions for Imagine Whole-Life pushes

  • what are the evidences that these things are happening?
  • what are the enemies that work against them happening?
  • How can we embed these principles and practices in the life of the church?


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