Volunteer Advisory Information


When thinking about bringing in a volunteer to undertake a piece of work in a Church, it is worth spending extra time at the beginning, carefully preparing a scheme of work and consulting with others. A well thought-out appointment helps the volunteer to feel that the work they are doing is valued.

When setting up a volunteer placement:

  • identify the work that needs to be done 
  • decide on the skills that the volunteer will need
  • include those in the planning who will work alongside the volunteer 
  • agree how the volunteer will be supported
  • decide where to advertise for a volunteer
  • decide whether a criminal record check is needed
  • agree with the volunteer their time commitment to the work
  • agree a budget for the work i.e. training costs, car mileage
  • knowing what to do if things don't work as expected 

Please click here for a Sample Volunteering Agreement. 



Important reminder:

Everyone who is responsible for  recruiting staff and volunteers must first read the Safer Recruitment Policy, and follow the '10 Step Procedure for All Recruitment'. Both documents are available from: www.methodist.org.uk/safeguarding

Recruitment process for volunteers normally includes the following steps:

  • Write a Volunteer Role Outline
  • Invite candidates to complete an application form
  • Conduct a face-to-face interview
  • Take up references
  • Check the candidate's criminal record, if applicable
  • Appoint for a probationary period
  • Provide an induction programme and initial training

Appendix A: Example Volunteer Role Outline: Junior Church / Creche /Leader/Helper


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