The Wheel of Generosity

Spin the wheel to commit to a small act of generosity and see if you can sense God's presence.

You can read how some people got on below:

"I spun to write a letter or a poem.

I enjoyed writing this, even though I don't think it's very good! It's a long time since I wrote anything like this, and it was good to be challenged to try something different, and to think differently about a topic."

Line 'em up
Line them up and count them
Count 'em and leave them.
Leave. Them. Where. You. Found. Them.

We are the future.
Didn't you hear that? We are.
They are the past.
If they won't get on board -
I said - if they won't get on board.
That's their choice. They choose to be left behind.
So line 'em up, count them and leave them.
Yes. Count them.
So we know how many to ignore. 


"I spun to help an older person.

As I work in a pet shop we do get a few older people in. I think the best thing I did was to spend a bit more time with them. Talking to them not just about their pets but also about everyday things. Even had a good conversation about the state of the roads and how dangerous they are for the electric buggies.

Now I have made a conscious effort and put this into practice every day."

About the Wheel of Generosity

The Wheel of Generosity is based on a 'real life' wheel designed by trainee Local Preacher Andy Fishburne.

His idea is to take this wheel to churches and ask people to come up and give it a spin. They are then to commit to carrying out a small act of generosity inspired by the picture they get.

The overarching idea is to see if people can get a sense of our (supremely generous) God's presence when we do these generous actions. 

Visit to see how it has been used locally.