What is Chaplaincy?

Chaplains are people appointed by the Church to work in all kinds of places outside the normal life of the congregation. There are chaplains in hospitals, workplaces, prisons, the armed forces, shopping centres, rural areas, colleges, universities and schools to name but a few. In all these places chaplains try to show God's love through offering care and support, and by representing Christian values and beliefs. Chaplains share the great privilege of discovering what God is doing out there - beyond the Church. In our diverse society, chaplaincy has to show the greatest sensitivity and respect.  Christian chaplains often work in ecumenical teams or alongside colleagues from other faiths.

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RAF Chaplaincy Video 0714

Chaplaincy in the RAF

Watch a video shown at the 2014 Methodist Conference. Padre Chris Acher describes his motivation to become a military chaplain, and his experiences with the RAF in Afghanistan.

"Chaplains are... the church that has left the building... We can all be involved in chaplaincy."

Martyn Atkins - General Secretary of the  Methodist Church in Britain

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