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The Strategic Research Team is excited to announce a major update to the Advanced Church webmap. For those who haven't used this facility, it is a way of graphically representing all the data we hold about the Church, alongside a wide variety of government and census data (including age, ethnicity, religion and deprivation).


This new update will introduce:

  • A simpler but more powerful interface, allowing maps to be viewed (and printed) full screen.
  • Graphs of data over time, allowing much easier identification of trends. This will happen automatically and requires no user effort.
  • Aggregation of data to circuit and district level to help inform mission planning in different contexts and meetings.
  • Government data aggregated to circuit level to help circuits and churches better to understand their ministry.
  • More use of groups and outreach data to help see the complete picture of the activities of a church.

This update is currently at the pilot stage, and we are looking for people to test the new site in advance of its public launch.

This is in part to identify pre-launch bugs and issues, but we also want to hear of ways the map could better support your ministry and decision making. Are there specific charts or graphs which would be helpful to add? Is there a function you would like to see which is currently not available?

If you would like to take part in this pilot, please email


Access the Advanced Church webmap (July 2015 version)

Use the webmap to see Methodist churches, circuits and other institutions mapped on their local environment.  Click on individual churches, circuits and Districts for call-out boxes with statistical data. 

Access the basic webmap (new design)

Find a local church using a searchable basic webmap.

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