About World Church Relationships

orld Church Relationships (WCR) facilitates, maintains and develops the relationships between Partner Churches throughout the world and the Methodist Church in Britain at all levels. 

In doing so we play our part in:-

• transforming the world through God's love,

• establishing a confident church that motivates to share God's love and

• is enabling people to be part of a worldwide family.

We do this through people, money and prayer by the:-

• movement of people across cultures, countries and continents to work alongside, share and experience the 'other', and to learn and develop from such encounters

• sharing of financial resources to equip churches for mission, ministry and church growth

• production and sharing of resources which 'tell the story' to enable informed prayer and learning of places and people where a first-hand encounter is not possible.

In everything we do we strive to:-

• work as broadly as possible across the Connexional team, All We Can (AWC, formerly known MRDF), Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST) and ecumenically to ensure a global perspective is embedded throughout the churches activities

• be effective and responsible stewards of historical funds, live income, assets and resources

We work with sixty Partner Churches worldwide in four geographical areas:-

• Africa

• Latin America and the Caribbean

• Asia-Pacific 

• Europe

• as well as with the Methodist Church in Ireland and Middle East

Former mission partners

Read about our past mission partners here. Read archived newsletters from mission partners who have served all around the world.

Church Twinning

If you are interested in Developing Partnerships Links with Overseas churches, find out more here

Got any questions?

Email the World Church Relationships office on Wcr.Admin@methodistchurch.org.uk

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