Songs of Praise Want To Visit You!

The BBC TV programme Songs of Praise is looking for churches and individuals to help them tell the story of faith in the UK with new stories and locations for the programme.
Songs of Praise is a mixture of hymns and good news stories of faith from across the UK. It has been a cornerstone of religious broadcasting on a Sunday afternoon for many years.

Your Stories 
The Songs of Praise producers are looking to hear your stories of faith. 

From those who have had unique or dramatic journeys of faith, to a church that is doing
unusual outreach work, chaplaincy or a struggle against adversity to deliver Christ's message to a community, Songs of Praise wants to celebrate the work you and your church are doing in your mission.

The more notice of a story you can give the programme, the better. However, they can
turn things around quickly if needed. Stories should be current with consideration given to the people that would need to be involved to add "human interest" to the story.  

If you think you have something of interest for Songs of Praise, then you can email the producers directly through their website here. If you would like support in pitching your idea then the Methodist Media Office can help you.
Your Songs
Songs of Praise has introduced a more "magazine style" programme over recent years, but it remains focused on hymns, praise and music.  

The producers are eager to find new locations and it can take around nine months after talks start before the TV cameras arrive for the three hours of recording.

Below are a selection of criteria that the producers are looking for:

•Chairs rather than fixed pews, at least on the main floor. 
(Fixed seating in balconies is usually fine.) 
•A capacity of between 300 - 700 people and room for our cameras and lighting equipment.
•Away from flight paths and very noisy roads and extraneous noises with good ambient light.
•An organ of a good standard. 
•On-site parking for around six vans or good street parking. 
•Be in or close to large a community to ensure that there are enough people to fill the church twice for the recording. Costs can make some remote locations unsuitable.
If you think your church fits the bill, do get in touch with internal pictures of the building and approximate measurements.

You can email the programme though their website here or speak to Methodist Media Office for further information.
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