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Blogs are powerful communication tools. They give an opportunity to everyone (with access to a computer) to publish their thoughts on anything they choose. Because blogs nearly always allow comments, they allow discussion to flourish over the internet in an open and democratic way.

Blogs have an informal ethos. They can be used to reflect, discuss (even with yourself - diary style) and offer an opportunity for honesty and transparency. Blogs and other online tools (Twitter, Facebook etc) are called Social Media because using them is more like chatting with people in a café than publishing information, or putting out 'the final word' on anything.

For Christians blogging is engaging with others, and of course this an opportunity for mission: for helping others and showing the love of Christ.

There are some downsides in the world of blogging - sometimes arguments degenerate into unpleasant mud-slinging. Anonymity can make people more aggressive than they would be in a face-to-face conversation. Sometimes it's tempting to reply in the heat of the moment and that might mean publishing something that is unhelpful or hurtful to others.

But don't let this put you off, the opportunities are far greater than any potential pitfalls, which can largely be countered by using your common sense. Its all about communication, and communication is what Jesus is all about.

  How to start blogging

Setting up a blog for the first time is simple.

Start a blog here www.blogger.com   
Or here http://wordpress.com   
No need to download anything to your computer. Just sign up and follow the instructions…

These are the two most common 'platforms' for blogging, but there are plenty of others -just Google 'Free blog'

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