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iPhone (note - this is a new app rather than an update: users of the original iPhone app will need to delete it and install the new one)

Other phones and devices (Web app)

A brand new app from the Methodist Church in Britain is now available on all mobile devices. The app offers users a daily Bible study, as well as all the latest news, audio and video from the Church.

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Features include:

  • Daily Bible studies, featuring a different author each week
  • Prayer of the Day from the Methodist Prayer Handbook
  • Lectionary readings and suggested hymns to help with planning worship
  • The latest news stories from the Methodist Church in Britain 
  • Topical podcasts from Methodist Web Radio 
  • Resources for Christian discipleship 
  • Blogs from the President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference, Methodist Youth President and World Church Relationships team 
  • View videos through the Church's YouTube channel 
  • Interact on Facebook and Twitter 
  • Information about the latest campaigns
  • Find your nearest church

"With the rise of the smartphone, we're more connected than ever before, and that's something to celebrate," said David Webster, the Church's Internet Communications Coordinator. "We want people to be able to make use of our resources across a wide range of platforms. Our goal is to support Methodists and other Christians as we make our way as disciples of Jesus in the modern world." 

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