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  • Revd Steve Wild's inaugural address as President of the Methodist Conference


    In his inaugural address at the 2015 Methodist Conference in Southport, the Revd Steve Wild challenged each Methodist church in Britain to aim to bring just one person to faith in the coming year.

  • Dr Jill Barber's inaugural address as Vice-President of the Methodist Conference


    The newly appointed Vice-President of the Methodist Conference has called for the Church to find its distinctive voice in her inaugural address. Speaking to the Conference gathered at Southport today, Dr Jill Barber questioned 'Where is the Methodist voice?'

  • Pastoral Address 2015

    Duration unavailable

    The Revd Ken Howcroft's Pastoral Address to the Presbyteral session of the Conference of 2015

  • Parenting transgender children

    Parenting transgender children11:22

    A year and a half ago Methodists Bob and Mandy Stoner received some life-changing news from their child. She told them that she was transgender and wanted to transition from male to female. Bob and Mandy told Karen about their family's journey and how they're working to support other parents who face the same situations.

  • Update on Nepal

    Update on Nepal07:12

    World Church Partnership Coordinator Steve Pearce talks to Anna about the latest news following the earthquake and what the Methodist Church in Britain is doing to help.

  • Methodism in Ghana

    Methodism in Ghana26:17

    An in-depth podcast focusing on Methodism in Ghana. Media Officer Karen Burke recently travelled to Ghana with World Church Relationships Team Leader, David Friswell. Over the course of seven days, they visited Methodist projects and churches all over the country, from Cape Coast to Accra in the South, Kumasi in the Ashanti Region and Wa and Lawra in the Upper West Region. Listen to this podcast for an insight into Methodism at work in Ghana.

    Photo shows Karen Burke with Aretha Graham Addai, Principal of the Methodist Women's Training Centre in Kumasi.

    Visit the World Church Relationships blog for a seven-day diary of the Ghana visit (dated February 2015).

  • Selma


    The film Selma is released in the UK this week. Selma tells the true story of Martin Luther King's campaign to secure equal voting rights for black people in America in the sixties. Methodist writer, George Luke, spoke to the film’s star, David Oyelowo, about the film, about Martin Luther King, and about surviving as a Christian in Hollywood.

  • Rethink Sanctions

    Rethink Sanctions4:33

    Is the government’s sanctions scheme working? New government data obtained by the Methodist Church in Britain has revealed that benefits claimants judged as unfit to work due to mental health problems are more likely to have their benefits stopped by sanctions than those suffering from other conditions. Methodist policy advisor, Paul Morrison, tells BBC Radio Merseyside presenter, Roger Phillips, how the government’s policy is affecting people who have been sanctioned. (Interview is published here with the kind permission of BBC Radio Merseyside.)

  • Global Migration

    Global Migration19:21

    Immigration became a key issue in 2014, catapulting to the top of political and media agendas. In this edition, Media Officer Karen Burke explores the impact of climate change on global migration in an interview with Julia Edwards – a Methodist mission partner who was part of a Fiji government delegation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December. The Church’s response to global migration was also the focus of two recent conferences attended by Methodist European Partnership Coordinator, Roy Crowder. Karen hears Roy’s perspective on how the Church should respond to questions concerning global migration.

  • Christmas message: Make space for Jesus

    Christmas message: Make space for Jesus04:05

    In their Christmas message, the Revd Ken Howcroft and Gill Dascombe ask people to consider what kind of dinner guest Jesus might be.

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