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  • Anyone for Youth President?

    Anyone for Youth President?04:48

    In this short interview, Meg Thomas talks about her role as Methodist Youth President, a post which is currently vacant for 2015/16. The deadline for applications has been extended to 3 October 2014, so if you know someone who'd love to do it, now's the time to encourage them to apply.

  • Larger than Circuit: What kind of District Chair?


    The Revd Loraine Mellor and the Revd Paul Wood talk to Anna Drew about how the Church is re-assessing how it is structured for mission. Please add your thoughts to the consultation by filling out this short survey: http://dotmailer-surveys.com/09bvi0c-4fx6y91 by 15 September 2014.

  • Conversations with a Christian cartoonist & Methodist Youth president

    Conversations with a Christian cartoonist & Methodist Youth president17:20

    In this edition we bring you reflections from the outgoing Methodist Youth President and an idea of what it’s like to be a cartoonist at the Church Times. Anna Drew speaks to the cartoonist Dave Walker about his work. You can also hear what Tamara Wray thought of her year as Methodist Youth President in conversation with Karen Burke.

  • Gambling: Sin, Vice or Legitimate Leisure Activity?


    Gambling: Sin, Vice or Legitimate Leisure Activity? Challenges for thoughtful Christians. The Beckly Lecture from the 2014 Methodist Conference, given by Philip Graf CBE, Chair of the Gambling Commission, and Chaired by the Revd Michaela Youngson.

  • Ebola outbreak in West Africa


    Today (2 July) the World Health Organisation has called an emergency meeting of health officials from 11 West African nations to deal with the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the region. The Revd Musa Jamawa, former Secretary of the Methodist Conference of Sierra Leone and World Church Partnership Coordinator Olubuma Olayisade speak to Anna Drew about how Sierra Leone has been affected by the outbreak. Please note: some may find the content of this interview upsetting.

  • Pastoral Address 2014

    Pastoral Address 201434:15

    The Pastoral Address given by the Revd Ruth Gee, President of the Methodist Conference, at the Prebyteral Session of the 2014 Conference. Please note that a short period of reflection set to music has been edited out of the podcast.

  • Bishop of Nigeria: Boko Haram, the Church & Nigeria

    Bishop of Nigeria: Boko Haram, the Church & NigeriaDuration unavailable

    Prelate Samuel Uche, Bishop of the Methodist Church in Nigeria, talked about Nigeria, John Wesley and the terrorist group Boko Haram on a recent visited to Methodist Church House in London. Listen to his interview with editor writer, George Luke.

  • Greenford Cafe: Faith in Foodbanks

    Greenford Cafe: Faith in Foodbanks16:49

    Over the past few years, the number of foodbanks in the UK has increased dramatically. Ealing Foodbank in West London recently launched Greenford Cafe, which runs out of Greenford Methodist Church once a week. Media Officer Karen Burke visited Greenford Cafe to talk to volunteers about the difference their project is making to the community.

  • Foodbanks: Sarah and Simon's Story

    Foodbanks: Sarah and Simon's Story12:53

    Simon and Sarah are tenant farmers living in Warwickshire. Due to ill health, they have been in financial trouble for the past few years. Last Christmas, the couple were given a voucher to collect food from a foodbank in their area. In a telephone interview with media officer Karen Burke, Simon and Sarah explained how they ended up using a local foodbank and what impact it has had on their lives.

  • The grit in the oyster


    In her 2014 Easter message, the Revd Ruth Gee, President of the Methodist Conference, speaks of Mary Magdalene and the many misunderstandings about her story.

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