Prayer Props

There are many ways of using resources and modern technology to pray in new ways. Here are just a few:


  • Text prayer groups. People commit themselves to pray at a particular time and text each other as a reminder; or one of the group texts the others with a prayer or Bible text for reflection. 
  • Set up an e-mail group and send each other prayer ideas and requests. 
  • Use images to stimulate prayer, e.g. postcards, or images from magazines can be scattered around a room and people can choose one that inspires or moves them. Have a time of quiet to pray about issues that the images bring up and then invite those who feel able to talk about the experience. 
  • Magnet magazine is an excellent source of striking images that can stimulate reflection and prayer.  
  • Create presentations use Power Point or OHPs to combine music and images that might lead people into prayer. This is a great way of offering intercessions in worship. Use images that reflect the news and the world around us.
  • NoticeboardSet up a Prayer Board at church, low enough for children to reach. Encourage people to pin prayers onto the board. Why not have a different theme each week? Shape your note paper to reflect your theme, e.g. hand shapes for thanksgiving; fish shapes for prayers about mission; leaf shapes for creation. Have plenty of pens and pencils available for people to use.
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