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The ideal material to help plan Special Sundays in churches is found on these web pages. Further resources, especially for choosing hymns, can be found at There are 13 sections on Methodist Special Sundays listed in the left-hand menu

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Methodist Church diary

Some Special Sundays have fixed dates agreed by the Methodist Church or ecumenically.
Click here to view the diary. Church councils may decide when to mark other special Sundays.

Open with God Book cover 0213Additional resources for Special Sundays and many other occasions can be found in the book 'Open with God' by Christine Odell (Inspire, 2004), this is now available from her for £5 + postage (multiples copies charged at rate). Christine can be contacted at 50 Hallcroft Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 7LP or on 01772 715134, or

Special Sundays: introduction notes

Churches planning special occasions in worship will find this material invaluable. Methodist Church councils, local preachers and worship leaders might wish to make use of some or all of the material at various points during the year. Individuals may want to use some of this material for personal prayer also.

The list of Special Sundays included here is not exclusive. Don't forget local festivals - such as Choir Sunday, and so on.

Help for churches

It might be useful to plan the special occasions in your church's worship over the next 12 months. At its next planning meeting, the church council might helpfully decide which special Sundays are to be built into your church calendar during. There are lots of suggestions on these web pages. Allocate each one a date.

Straight after the autumn church council, make sure that a copy of the relevant material is available to the key person in your church. Ask them to advertise the Special Sunday in the congregation. As soon as the circuit plan is published, contact the person appointed to lead worship on any of your chosen Special Sundays. Ensure they have access to the relevant material. Make it clear that the Special Sunday theme does not need to take over the whole service.

When planning services, remember that the weekly lectionary normally takes pride of place. The Special Sunday theme may be woven into the sermon; but its main use is to inform the prayers of the congregation.

What else can you encourage in the week before or the week after a Special Sunday?

  • Encourage a house-group, or a church committee, to look at the relevant Special Sunday material and discuss the issues raised.
  • Set up an opportunity for special giving.
  • Dig deeper into any one of the issues raised, linking up with people in your locality who are committed to the same cause.
  • Find out who cares about these issues in other churches in your neighbourhood or in your circuit, and talk to them to see if there are things you can do together.

Access to this material

Not everyone who needs to see this material will be able to look it up on this website. They may appreciate you downloading the material and printing it out. Please offer this service to your church council secretary, your minister and local preachers in your congregation.

Feedback & copyright

If you have any comments about this Special Sundays material, please contact The Revd Nicola Price-Tebbutt (

Methodist churches and others in linked ecumenical projects are free to use this Special Sundays material for their own use. Any other organisations or individuals wishing to reproduce the material must contact the Methodist Church for permission. The material is copyright and cannot be used commercially without permission.

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