Aldersgate Sunday

Aldersgate Sunday 20 May 2018

Aldersgate flameAldersgate Sunday is a great opportunity to celebrate the work of God in our lives, and to reflect on how we can respond to all that God has given us.

In the Methodist Church calendar, Aldersgate Sunday is the Sunday 24 May (traditionally known as 'Wesley Day') or the Sunday before it. It commemorates a life-changing moment in the Christian journey of John Wesley, the most prominent of the founders of Methodism.

2017 Resources

Why not celebrate this day by using the specially devised
Feast of Faith resources.feast of faith spoon

Hymns for Aldersgate Sunday: singing the faith plus

2016 resources: 

Click here for A Generous Life resources and more

















*Extract from Martin Luther's Preface to the Letter of St Paul to the Romans (1552)  translated by Bro Andrew Thornton © 1983 St Anselm Abbey



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