The Beckly lectures

The Beckly Social Services Lecture takes place every year, as one of the fringe events at the Methodist Conference.

John Henry Beckly, a lay Wesleyan Methodist, founded the trust which is responsible for the lectures in 1926.

According to the original charter of the Beckly Trust "the function of the Lectureship shall be to set forth the social implications of Christianity and to further the development of a Christian sociology and the expressions of the Christian attitude in reference to social, industrial, economic and international subjects."

2017 - His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK
Religious Freedom: A God-given right, not a privilege 

2016 - Shami Chakrabati, Former Director of Liberty
On Liberty: Conscience and Belief

2015 - Andrew Caplen, President of the Law Society 
Magna Carta, the rule of law and access to justice in an age of austerity: a concern for the Church?

2014 - Philip Graf CBE
Gambling: Sin, Vice or Legitimate Leisure Activity?

2013 - MPs Sarah Teather, John Glen, Stella Creasy
Challenges and Choices: do we have faith in the future of politics?

2012 - Richard Murphy
The Courage to Pay: tax, faith, honesty and business 

2011 - Nick Spencer, Research Director, Theos - the public theology think tank
"What has the Bible ever done for us? History, Politics and the English Bible" 

2010 - Dame Anne Owers, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons
The Other Side of the Wall: what do we need to learn?

2009 - Chris Moorhouse
Shall I cast the first stone?  A Christian reflection on the financial crisis

2008 - Rt Hon Hilary Armstrong MP
Building the New Jersusalem - a still unfinished task?

2007 - Malcolm Rae OBE FCRN
Valuing Mental Health - A matter of concern, hope and inspiration

2006 - Elish Angiolini (Joint Lecture with the Scottish Churches' Parliamentary Office)
Justice and Religion - Converging or parallel paths?

2005 -  Rt Hon the Lord Archer of Sandwell QC
John Wesley's Parish - Politics and theology in a globalised world

2004 - Ann Morisy
Without power and at risk of being overwhelmed - a new strategy for mission

2003 - Alan Bookbinder
Religion's Public Space - religion, the BBC and beyond

2002 - Professor A F Markham
The Ethics of Gene Therapy

2001 - Professor Philip Dale
GM Crops - Motivations and Challenges

2000 - Martin Bell MP 
The New World Disorder - the political reflections of a war zone thug


An older list of lecturers is available here.

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