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Activities - things to make

A Dream Catcher

A wooden craft hoop or any hoop approximatelt 5inches in circumference
A few inches of thin wire
Some wool
Beads with large holes
A few feathers

Cut a few feet of wool.

2. Tie one end of the wool to the hoop.

3. String a few beads onto the wool and push the beads toward the tied end. Wrap the wool around the other side of the hoop.

4. String a few more beads on the wool and then wrap the wool around the far side of the hoop.

5. Repeat this several times until you have a really cool webbed design made of wool across the hoop.

6. To decorate at the end, tie a short length of wool on the hoop.

7. String a bead or two on it and then tie a feather onto the end, and let the wool hang down. Make a few of these hanging pieces to make the dream catcher look really fancy!

Pine Cone Bird Feeder for the garden

Pine cone
Peanut butter
Corn Meal

Mix 1 part peanut butter with 1 part corn meal. It should look like dough when ready.

2. Smush this onto the pine cone.

3. Tie a piece of string to your new bird feeder and hang it outside in a tree.

4. Place birdseed near the pine cone in a bowl.

Now, you can sit back and watch as the birds come for a tasty treat!


Lolly sticks (can be purchased from craft shop)
Fishing line

1. Collect 6-10 lightweight objects that are about the same weight as one another. We used seashells.

2. Tie fishing line to each object, and leave about 6 inches of string left over.

3. Start at the bottom level of your mobile, and tie one of your objects to each end of a Lolly stick.

4. Tie a piece of fishing line to the middle of the lolly stick that has the objects tied to it. Find the center of balance by holding the string up and letting the popsicle stick hang. Move the string around the center of the lolly stick until the stick is straight across and parallel to the floor.

5. Connect the loose string to the middle of another lolly stick.

6. Add objects to the ends of this second stick and repeat step 4.

7. Keep working your way up the mobile until you think it's finished.

Now, all you need to do is hang it up and watch it turn in the breeze.


Shallow container
Plaster of paris
Objects to imbed (tiles, buttons, marbles, beads)
Large plastic cup (or another disposable container to mix the plaster of paris)

Mix up a batch of Plaster of Paris, following the directions on the package.

2. Pour the plaster into the shallow container.

3. Place your small objects in the wet plaster.

The plaster will dry and harden, leaving you with a beautiful mosaic you can hang on your wall.



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