Anglican-Methodist Covenant

The historic Covenant was signed by the Methodist Church of Great Britain and the Church of England on 1 November 2003.

Full information about the Covenant, including its Affirmations and Commitments and how it is worked out locally, can be found at

Please note this website is now rather dated and there are plans to create a new website for the Anglican-Methodist Covenant.

June 2017

Mission and Ministry in Covenant

A report from the Faith and Order bodies of the Church of England and the Methodist Church.
Download here


June 2015

Being Real about the Anglican/Methodist Covenant

Relating in Mission, Ministry and Discipleship -  a report from the Methodist Anglican Panel for Unity in Mission
Download here 

July 2014

The Challenge of the Covenant: Uniting in Mission and Holiness

Click on the above link for the final report of the JIC which went to the Methodist Conference in 2014. The same report went to the General Synod in November 2014.

September 2013 

The Challenge of the Covenant: Uniting in Mission and Holiness

The new Report of the Joint Implementation Commission (JIC) of the Covenant between the Church of England and Methodist Church in Britain

"Church leaders and decision-making bodies should make the Covenant a priority in order to bring our Churches closer together in mission and holiness."

The JIC Report calls on both Churches to consider

  • the impact that the 10-year-old Anglican-Methodist Covenant has made on their relationship
  • to rejoice in the progress that has been made; and
  • to face together the challenges of mission and holiness. 

The Full Report

The individual sections of the report can be downloaded below (Word doc)
Download all 13 documents in a Zip file

1. Cover and List of Contents 
2. Foreword and List of Members
3. Introduction - the Covenant text
4. Uniting in Mission and Holiness
5. Behold the Servants of the Lord - Assessing Ten Years of Living in Covenant 
6. Joint Consultation and Decision Making 
7. Covenant Partnerships in Extended Areas
8. Overseeing the Way of Uniting in Mission
9. Developing Bonds of Communion
10. Models for Uniting in Oversight
11. Signs of Continuity in Faith Worship and Mission
12. Christian Perfection
13. Let it be according to you will - the challenge to our churches

Draft Report for Methodist Conference and General Synod 2014

A Draft Report to the Methodist Conference and the General Synod in 2014 outlines what steps need to be taken to meet the challenges identified in the Report. 
Download the Draft Report  (Word doc) 

Quick Guide

A Quick Guide accompanying the Report provides an introduction to the material in both reports. 
Read the Quick Guide


Jointly launching the report, Professor Peter Howdle, the Methodist Co-Chair of the JIC, said:

"We are pleased to present this Report. The JIC sees many signs that the Covenant between our two Churches has strengthened during this period. However, there is still a long way to go before our two churches are acting, and are seen as acting, together in visible unity for the mission of the church.

I believe both churches will need to act ever more graciously towards each other as they seek to overcome the obstacles which prevent a deepening of our Covenant relationship. Our Report challenges our churches to greater efforts in their search for this visible unity. "

The Church of England Co-Chair, the Bishop of Coventry, the Rt Revd. Christopher Cocksworth said:

"John Wesley's passion and project to 'reform the nation...and to spread scriptural holiness over the land' is in urgent need of renewal. This important Report challenges the Church of England and the Methodist Church to work wherever possible in common purpose and to take definite steps towards a common life in Christ, and in his ministry and mission. "  

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